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Find Things to Do in Bellingham, WA

Enjoy a fascinating location near numerous attractions and activities when you stay at GuestHouse Inn. Use our area guide to locate a number of exciting things to do in Bellingham, WA to experience throughout your stay. Whether you are here for business, leisure, or a little bit of both, GuestHouse Inn strives to provide a most fulfilling experience. Review our helpful Bellingham guide below to make the most of your stay in Washington. 
Quick Area Guide
  • Mount Baker Theater (About 2 mi from hotel.)
  • Fairhaven Historic District (About 3 mi from hotel.)
  • Ports of Bellingham (About 3 mi from hotel.)
  • Downtown Bellingham (About 1 mi from hotel.)
  • Western Washington University (About 1 mile from hotel.)
  • Lake Whatcom (About 3 miles from hotel.)
  • Bellis Fair Mall (About 4 miles from hotel.)
  • Bellingham International Airport (About 6 miles from hotel.) 
Places of Interest
  • Mount Baker Theater, Restored Historic Theater
    360/734-6080 for information
  • Island Mariner Whale Watching, Nature Water Cruises
    877/734-8866 for information
  • Nooksack River Casino; Adult Games
    360/734-5101 for information
  • Whatcom Museum 
  • 360/778-8930 for information 
  • Mount Baker Ski Resort
  • 360/734-6771 for information