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Satisfy your appetite with a stay at GuestHouse Inn, conveniently located near a variety of Chattanooga restaurants and cafes. We are also pleased to provide free deluxe continental breakfast onsite, featuring bagels and ream cheese, assorted pastries and much more for convenient Chattanooga dining. 
FREE Deluxe Continental Breakfast
Get your day started the right way with our continental breakfast bar featuring:
  • Variety of Cereals
  • Assorted donuts and pastries
  • Bagels & cream cheese
  • Fresh fruit
  • Juices
  • Fresh coffee and tea
Nearby Restaurants in Chattanooga
  • Alexander's (0.5 mi)
  • Applebee's (0.5 mi)
  • Country Place Restaurant (0.5 mi)
  • Grady's American Grill (0.5 mi)
  • Logan's Roadhouse (0.5 mi)
  • O'Charley's (0.5 mi)
  • Outback Steakhouse (0.5 mi)
  • Red Lobster (0.5 mi)
  • Stake 'n Shake (0.5 mi)
  • Texas Roadhouse (0.5 mi)
Many more Chattanooga dining options await!