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Top Things to Do in Dillon, MT

Explore a variety of things to do in Dillon, MT near the hotel, including Beaverhead Co. Museum, Lewis and Clark Historical Points, Patagonia Outlet Store and much more. Nearby Dillon, MT attractions are suitable for the whole family. There's never a shortage of things to do see and do when you stay at GuestHouse Inn & Suites. 

 Quick Area Guide

  • Beaverhead Co. Museum (About 1 mi from hotel.)
  • Lewis and Clark Historical Points (About 1 mi from hotel.)
  • Patagonia Outlet Store (About 1 mi from hotel.)
  • Bannack State Park (About 26 mi from hotel.)
  • Elkhorn Hot Springs (About 35 mi from hotel.)
  • University of Montana Western (About 1 mi from hotel.)
  • Big Hole National Battleground (About 60 mi from hotel.)
  • Crystal Park (About 60 mi from hotel.)
  • Clark Canyon Reservoir (About 15 mi from hotel.)
  • Maverick Mountain Ski Resort (About 40 mi from hotel.)
  • Virginia City (About 45 miles.)
  • West Yellow Stone (About 120 miles.)
Great Things to do in Dillon, MT
  • Lewis and Clark Points of Interest, including Clark's lookout
  • Clark Canyon Reservoir
  • Bannack State Park
  • Beaverhead Golf Course
  • Elkhorn Hot Springs
  • Jackson Hot Springs
  • University of Montana Western
  • Crystal State Park, great for rockhounds! 
  • Big Hole National Battlefield
  • Maverick Mountain Ski Area
  • Ruby Reservoir
  • Beaverhead County Museum
  • Historical Walking Tour of the town of Dillon
  • World class fly fishing