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Attractions Around Our Hotel Near the Dothan Opera House


When you stay at GuestHouse Inn, rest assured there is never a shortage of things to do in Dothan, AL. From the Wiregrass Festival of Murals to the Dothan Opera House, our Dothan travel guide covers our top picks. If you need any more recommendations, simply ask one of our friendly staff members and we'll be happy to lead you in the right direction. 

Quick Area Guide
  • Dothan Opera House (About 3 mi from hotel.)
  • Wiregrass Festival of Murals (About 3 mi from hotel.)
  • Wiregrass Museum of Art (About 3 mi from hotel.)
  • Water World - Westgate Park (About 4 mi from hotel.)
  • Westgate Softball Complex (About 4 mi from hotel.)
  • Wiregrass Commons Mall (About 6 mi from hotel.)
  • Adventure Land (About 6 mi from hotel.)
  • Dothan Area Botanical Gardens (About 8 mi from hotel.)
  • Ft Rucker Army Aviation Museum (About 10 mi from hotel.)
  • Farley Nuclear Visitor's Center (About 23 mi from hotel.)
  • Eastgate Recreational Park (About 6 mi from hotel.)
Places of Interest
  • Dothan Opera House
    3 miles from hotel
    115 North St. Andrews St.
    Dothan, AL
    Built in 1915, the building represents the elegance of turn-of-the-century southern life. Theatrical productions, ballets and symphony performances are still held in this landmark.
  • WireGrass Festival of Murals
    3 miles from hotel
    The Downtown Group
    Dothan, AL
    Ongoing project of murals depicting the area’s history painted by nationally and internationally acclaimed muralist on the walls of buildings in the downtown historic district.
  • WireGrass Museum of Art
    3 miles from hotel
    126 Museum Ave.
    Dothan, AL
    Six galleries feature changing exhibitions of visual and decorative arts in a historic building. Also features a Youth Art Gallery with a hands-on exhibit for children and a gift gallery for shopping.
  • Water World - Westgate Park
    4 miles from hotel
    401 Recreation Road
    Dothan, AL
    Enjoy our Triple-Flumed and Great White Water Slides, giant wave pool, video arcade, concessions, and picnic and kiddie play areas.
  • Westgate Softball Complex
    4 miles from hotel
    201 Recreation Road
    Dothan, AL
    Westgate Softball Park is well known nationally, having been awarded 26 national tournaments in its 17 years of operation. Westgate Softball Complex was the 2nd complex statewide to be inducted into the Alabama ASA Hall of Fame.
  • Dothan Area Botanical Gardens
    8 miles from hotel
    County Road 105 off U.S. Hwy. 431 North
    Dothan, AL
    The reasons to visit the Dothan Area Botanical Gardens keep growing! A tranquil, paved nature trail meanders through a beautiful rose garden, through herbs, daylilies, camellias, azaleas, past a peaceful pond, Victorian gazebo and a demonstration garden.
  • Ft. Rucker Army Aviation Museum
    10 miles from hotel
    Building 6000, Novosel Ave.
    Ft. Rucker, AL
    Largest collection of U.S. Army Aviation memorabilia. Museum exhibits, military airplanes, helicopters and gift shop.
  • Farley Nuclear Visitor's Center
    23 miles from hotel
    7388 N. State Hwy. 95
    Columbia, AL
    Explore energy at the Farley Nuclear Visitors Center.