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Find Things to Do in El Paso, TX

There are so many things to do in El Paso, TX when you stay at GuestHouse Suites. From Fort Bliss Army Base to the El Paso Zoo, the options are nearly endless. Browse through our favorite El Paso attractions below and make a plan to see us soon.
Quick Area Guide
  • Fort Bliss Army Base (About 1 mi from hotel.)
  • El Paso Zoo (About 7 mi from hotel.)
  • El Paso Holocaust Museum (About 7 mi from hotel.)
  • El Paso Museum of Art (About 7 mi from hotel.)
  • National Border Patrol Museum (About 7 mi from hotel.)
  • Aerial Tramway Tour (About 7 mi from hotel.)
  • Sunland Park Race Track (About 20 mi from hotel.)
  • Butterfield Golf Course (About 3 mi from hotel.)
  • Cielo Vista Shopping Mall (About 2 mi from hotel.)
  • Wet N Wild Water Park (About 25 mi from hotel.)
Top Things to Do in El Paso
  • El Paso Zoo
    7 miles from hotel
    4001 E Paisano
    El Paso, TX
    (915) 521-1850
    The El Paso Zoo is an eighteen-acre home to about 240 species of animals. Approximately 500 mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds, 700 fish and 500 invertebrates live in a variety of natural habitat exhibits including a Reptile House, South American Pavilion, Americas Aviary, Cisneros Paraje, Birds of Prey, American Biome, Forest Atrium, Asian Grasslands, Asian Endangered Walk, and an Elephant Complex.
  • El Paso Museum of Art
    7 miles from hotel
    One Arts Festival Plaza
    El Paso, TX
    (915) 532-1707
    Founded in 1959, the El Paso Museum of Art (EPMA) is a major cultural and educational resource for West Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico. The Museum houses a permanent collection of over 5,000 works of art. In addition to displaying works from its holdings, the Museum offers a diverse schedule of temporary exhibitions, films, lectures, concerts, and other educational programs to the general public. EPMA has a steady record of accreditation by the American Association of Museums.
  • National Border Patrol Museum
    7 miles from hotel
    4315 Transmountain Dr
    El Paso, TX
    (915) 759-6060
    The Museum’s exhibits cover the history of the United States Border Patrol, from the Old West to current operations, through paintings, photographs, vehicles, equipment, documents, and artifacts
  • Wyler Aerial Tramway Tour
    7 miles from hotel
    1700 McKinley Ave
    El Paso, TX
    (915) 566-6622
    Seven thousand miles of Southwestern natural beauty and culture present an eagle-eye's view atop Ranger Peak in El Paso's Franklin Mountains. A four-minute climb treats visitors to a 946-foot vertical rise. Upon reaching the Wyler Observatory at 5,632 feet, sky-travelers spot the Hueco Mountains, New Mexico's White Sands and Mexico.
  • Butterfield Trail Golf Course
    3 miles from hotel
    1858 Cottonwoods
    El Paso, TX
    (915) 772-1031
    Butterfield Trail Golf Club, where the old history of the western frontier meets the new exciting design and economic development plans for the future of El Paso, Texas.
  • Wet N Wild Water Park
    25 miles from hotel
    8804 S. Desert
    Anthony, TX
    (915) 886-2222
    Wet ‘N' Wild Waterworld is unique in that they have over 200 mature shade trees providing more square feet of shade per customer than any other water park in the world. Wet ‘N’ Wild Waterworld is also the site of numerous musical festivals during the summer, from the Balloon fest over Memorial Day weekend to the Norteño festival in July to concerts + events in October.
  • Franklin Mountain State Park
    10 miles from hotel
    1331 McKelligon Canyon Rd
    El Paso, TX
    (915) 566-6441
    The urban setting provides a scenic backdrop to the park area itself, and the occasional cloud cover and the periods of dawn and dusk create dramatic vistas. The Franklin Mountains, the largest mountain range in Texas, are the southernmost end of the Rocky Mountains and are set against beautiful desert landscapes. The weather in El Paso and the surrounding area provides a year-round warm climate for all who live there and visit.