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Find Things to Do in Eureka Springs

Quick Area Guide
  • Downtown Eureka Springs Historic District (About 1 mi from hotel)
  • Pig Trail Harley Davidson (About 0.25 mi from hotel)
  • Table Lake (About 1 mi from hotel)
  • Great Passion Play (About 3 mi from hotel)
  • Antique Shopping (About 1 mi from hotel)
  • Pine Mountain Jamboree (About 2 mi from hotel)
  • Onyx Cave (About 4 mi from hotel)
  • Beaver Dam Lake (About 5 mi from hotel)
  • Dinosaur Park (About 5 mi from hotel)
Places of Interest
  • Downtown Eureka Springs 
    1 mile from hotel
    Historic District featuring a variety of shops, arts and crafts and historic homes.  Great walking tours.  Served by the Trolley.
  • Pig Trail Harley Davidson
    1/4 mile from hotel
    Get your Ozarks Harley gear hear.  Adjacent restaurant and lounge
  • Table Lake
    1 mile from hotel
    Offering a variety of outdoor activities including boating, fishing, hiking and biking.  Spend time enjoying the Great Ozarks
  • Great Passion Play
  • 3 miles from hotel 
    Follow the Story of Christ through the years.  Outdoor theater in a unique setting.
  • Antique Shopping Mall
  • 1 mile from hotel
    Enjoy finding that special treasure by shopping in the many area antique shops.