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Find Things to Do in Salem, IL

There are so many Salem, IL attractions nearby, including the exciting downtown area and Bryant Memorial Park. Use our guide to find our top picks!
Quick Area Guide
  • Downtown Salem (About 2 mi from hotel.)
  • Pollard's Collection (About 2 mi from hotel.)
  • Salem Bowl (About 2 mi from hotel.)
  • Bryan Memorial Park (About 2 mi from hotel.)
  • William Jennings Bryan Home (About 2 mi from hotel.)
  • Stephen A Forbes Park (About 18 mi from hotel.)
Top Things to Do in Salem, IL
  • Salem Bowl
    1620 E. Main Street
    Salem, IL.
    2.66 miles from hotel
  • Bryan Memorial Park
    West Boone street
    Salem, IL.
    2 miles from hotel
    With all the things to do in Salem IL, we suggest a day at the park for fun and relaxation.  The park has a great playground, tennis courts, basketball court, skateboard area, baseball fields, and picnic areas.  It's the place to go if you enjoy a leisurely stroll around the park or a high energy game of tennis. If you have an interest in history, visit William Jennings Bryan Home.