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Find Things to Do in St. Joseph, MO

Quick Area Guide
  • Patee House Museum (About 6 mi from hotel.)
  • Pony Express Museum (About 6 mi from hotel.)
  • Jesse James Home (About 6 mi from hotel.)
  • St. Joseph Civic Arena (About 7 mi from hotel.)
  • St. Joes Frontier Casino (About 9 mi from hotel.)
Places of Interest
  • Patee House Museum
    6 miles from hotel
    1202 Penn St.
    St. Joseph, MO
    St. Joseph is known for the beginning of the Pony Express and the end of Jesse James, and Patee House played a vital role in both.  Built in 1858 as a luxury hotel, Patee House served as the Pony Express main headquarters from 1860 to 1861. Patee House Museum showcases two full floors of exhibits.  The museum includes an 1877 railroad depot, stagecoach, cars, trucks, fire trucks, wagons, buggies and carriages,and various other historical items.
  • Pony Express Museum
    6 miles from Hotel
    914 Penn St.
    St. Joseph, MO
    Visit and experience the many educational, exciting, state-of-the-art exhibits conveying the need, creation, operation and termination of the Pony Express. Suitable and entertaining for all ages, you’re sure to be enlightened by the stories and images of an era long passed.
  • Jesse James Home
    6 miles from Hotel
    1202 Penn St.
    St. Joseph, MO
    Come see the house where the famous outlaw Jesse James was shot and killed by fellow gang member Bob Ford on April 3, 1882.  Exhibits inside the home include artifacts from Jesse's grave. Located on the grounds of Patee House Museum.